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Wedding Day Lingerie

wedding day lingerie

wedding day lingerie

wedding day lingerie

wedding day lingerie

wedding day lingerie

In case you missed my Insta, over the holidays the man of my dreams asked me to marry him (and no - I had no idea it was coming!) Needless to say, the holidays were an extra special time for us being able to celebrate with all the people that we love. After lots of bubbly and food, we rolled our way back to Toronto, and it all started to sink in. 

I had no idea how exciting yet overwhelming the whole "wedding thing" would be until I purchased a wedding binder with 100,000,001 things you need to do before the big day. (I'm over exaggerating, but only slightly) It all seemed just too over-the-top for me. With that said, I decided to use the binder as a guideline. After all, it is OUR day, and we want it to feel like US!

After confirming our venue and date, I started the search for the dress. In all honesty, this was a different world to me. Trumpet? Um, why are we talking about instruments?  Mermaid? I love Arielle, and legit know every lyric to The Little Mermaid soundtrack, but what does she have to do with finding my wedding dress? I would be down to look like a mermaid, perhaps an "under the sea" theme... but only if Sebastian was by my side the whole time. In all seriousness, it was a big learning curve for me but am proud to say that I finally passed Wedding Dress 101.

With wedding dress shopping comes wedding day lingerie, and I was ecstatic when Azura Bay approached me to check out their website. I instantly fell in love with both their product and their philosophy. Azura Bay is a Canadian based company with a carefully curated selection of luxurious and socially conscious lingerie, swim and loungewear brands. They checked all the boxes - stylish, fantastic quality,  flattering, ethically made and eco-friendly. Beyond all that, when you make a purchase, Azura Bay donates a portion to one of three organizations of your choice (learn more on their giving back page) I loved the fact that I found lingerie that lets me love my planet as much as I love my hubby-to-be! 

When looking for wedding day lingerie, it's important to think about what looks good and most importantly, feels good on your body. Given that I am quite a modest dresser, I wanted something that was flirty yet sweet. When I saw the dainty lace of the Cosabella set, I was sold. When I recieved the set in the mail I literally did not want to take it off. High quality, check! Good fit, check! Ethically made, check! Feels like me? check!

Whether you're shopping for your big day or Valentine's Day, be sure to check out the Azura Bay and love your significant other as much as you love the world. 

Thank you Azura Bay for sponsoring this post. 

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