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I can't believe we're already starting to think about Christmas and gift ideas already! How quickly time flies.  It seems as though, without fail, the stores are decked out in holiday-everything the day right after Halloween. I recently joked that I am going to be a Christmas tree for Halloween next year and come out earlier than the stores. MuhaHA!

 Off topic (as per usual) - in keeping with the post - I've put together a few ideas for that beauty lover on your list. I'll give you a quick low down on why I selected each item:


The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick is a staple of mine - it's the perfect highlight to achieve that holiday glow but I also tend to wear this year round. 

The ShuUemura eyelash curler is the best thing since sliced bread. 

I'm all about an effortless lip these days, and MAC always has great sets of holiday lip glasses in an array of different colours. 

The beauty blender pretty much does what its called - no streaks, just flawless skin. 

The Naked 3 palette has been on my wish list for quite some time. I have the original Naked Palette, but would love to add this one to my collection (and pretty sure every other girl that doesn't own one would too)

The lip key chain! Ok so lets be honest, I feel like keychains are the types of things you receive as gifts and never would actually purchase for yourself but ACTUALLY appreciate and love when you get one. Make sense? Yes. 

I have an addiction to Diptyque candles. They are simply the greatest. 

Gold sparkly flats with lipstick incorporated on them? SOLD. 

I'm a sucker for bright red nail polish (I recently was told my nails were so "festive" little did they know I wear the colour all year round) My favourite red is Essie's Lollipop. 

 The iPhone case is like SO cute. 

The Chloe perfume is pretty much a staple for a lot of gals out there - if you haven't smelled it you should. 

I'm not exactly in the market for a new snowboard but if you know someone that is AND a beauty lover, I'm pretty sure this takes the cake on THE PERFECT GIFT. I mean, how adorable is it?

And any beauty obsessive would appreciate a good set of fresh makeup brushes (and of course, limited edition.) 

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara, is well, perfection in a tube. 

And lastly! The Kate Spade makeup case is adorable. I mean, who doesn't like gold glitter? 

So there we go. A few ideas to get that brain of yours turning. Whatcha think?

xo Amy


  1. I have heard such good things about the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, it's everywhere! I really need to make a trip into Sephora soon to check it out. I think it will up my make-up game for the holidays! Great picks, love all of them! xx

  2. Are we meddlesome in updating your beauty products as good as reserve or have been we only meddlesome in replenishing your supply?


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