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Travel Diaries: Malibu

flying over the grand canyon
Flying over the Grand Canyon on our way to LAX.

malibu pier
Our view from our balcony overlooking Carbon Beach and the Malibu Pier. 

carbon beach
Taking a little dip. 

wine on the beach
We love home cooked meals so we spent a lot of time picking up fresh ingredients and cooking dinner together. The place where we stayed had a kitchen with just about everything imaginable which made things very convenient.

anthropologie faves
Sunnies: Karen Walker // Bathing Suit: Anthropologie 
My travel essentials.

fruit on the beach
Bracelets: H&M (love these!)
Eating fresh fruit on your balcony overlooking the ocean is an experience in itself.

beach love
Whenever I am on vacation I always have a little too much fun playing in the sand. When I was younger, I enrolled myself in sand sculpture classes. Yuuup. 

adamson house malibu
A fountain from the Adamson House - a California historical landmark. Built in 1929, the house has the most breathtaking display of decorative tiles I have ever seen. 

cycling vs running
Runners: Nike
Each morning we would start the day to the sound of crashing waves, drink a cup of coffee and get our bodies in motion. 

colour crush
Fresh lemons in a wagon from the Malibu Farm, a place where we frequented on the regular.

karen walker sunnies
Sunnies: Karen Walker
A little "June Gloom." I had not heard of this phrase until we touched down at LAX. The first two days were blue skies, the remainder, not so much. Needless to say, our next trip will have to be post June. 

toes in the sand
Beach cover up: SheIn (also love this one!)
Taking advantage of the sun shining through the clouds

malibu farm latte art
The cutest latte art I have ever seen from Malibu Farm

neptune's net malibu
A must visit! Countless television and movie productions have been shot here. Its a little slice of history thats definitely worth the visit. Steamed shrimp and beer? Yes please!

smoothie bowl on the beach
Smoothie bowl beach side. Enough said.

surfrider beach malibu
The big decision for the day. 

the getty villa malibu
View of the Getty Villa. Definitely a must visit. 

curated by amy
Mr. Pineapple before he became pineapple crush. 

daniel wellington
Time flies when you're on vacation. Couldn't believe it was almost time to go!

champagne on the beach
Ending the trip off with some bubbly on our balcony. 

amy piotrowski
Relaxed and all smiles!


  1. Great recap and photos! Makes me even more excited to visit Cali!

  2. My husband and I are going to Getty Villa for a wedding next month. Thanks for the great recommendations and inspiration to plan our trip... that latte art is too cute!

  3. Lovely pics! Looks like you had a fabulous time!
    xx Gabriella

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  7. Our view from our balcony overlooking Carbon Beach and the Malibu Pier.

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