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Curated by Amy SUNDRESS

Curated by Amy SUNDRESS

j.crew leopard sandals Curated by Amy

Curated by Amy SUNDRESS

Amy Piotrowski Curated by Amy SUNDRESS

Curated by Amy SUNDRESS
Dress: SUNDRESS // Sandals: J.Crew (on sale!) // Sunnies: Karen Walker

Ever since I was a little baby, my summers were always spent by the ocean. School was out, we'd pack up the car (think five kids, a dog, and my parents) and start driving. I had no worries in the world, only the excitement of seeing my friends I hadn't seen in almost a year. After ten hours of straight driving, we would roll down the windows and take it all in. We had finally arrived! We were in "Vacationland," we were in Maine. 

Whenever I head anywhere with salt air, I'm at my happiest. It's been a week and I'm still reminiscing about my trip to California.  Here I am on the beach (hi again!) with a big smile on my face. Are you headed to the beach this summer? Would love to hear where you're headed! 

xo Amy


  1. Gorgeous photos lady! And the perfect beachside look - I'm obsessed with those sandals.

    1. Thanks so much lovely! I love 'em and even scored them on sale!

      xo Amy


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