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camo pants
Turtleneck: Joe Fresh (similar) / Pants: H&M / Flats: Joe Fresh / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Sunnies: Karen Walker

Today I'm talking about turtles. Given this is a fashion blog, I thought I'd talk about the non-salmonella non-caloric kind of turtles. You know - the cozy and warm type. 

When I was in elementary school, I remember jumping on the turtleneck bandwagon. I had a hand full and would rotate them during the colder months like hot dogs on a roller machine. I was obsessed. As I got older, things started to change. Girls started wearing "spaghetti strap" tops and the turtlenecks simply could not compete. 

I've always been a conservative dresser (I have my mom to thank for that. for realz) I never jumped on the spaghetti strap train but I did start showing off my neck and arms. So came the T- shirts, sometimes even V-necks.  (I know, how daring of me.) 

There is something quite elegant about the turtleneck. With society showing more and more skin these days, it's a nice contrast. 

xx A

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