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work it

black and white printed pants

black rebecca minkoff bag

nine west nude pumps

super duper karen walker sunglasses

aritzia black blazer
Blazer: T. Babaton (similar) / Tank: Joe Fresh (on sale!) / Pants: H&M 

Work attire has the potential to be extremely boring. And ok - I think I know what some (all) of you may be thinking - this isn't exactly the most exciting outfit, but it certainly beats a matching pant suit. 

When I first started working, I had absolutely no idea how to dress for the job. My university days consisted of sweats, uggs, and oversized sweaters. I was in for a steep learning curve - from rolling out of bed to actually giving some thought to my daily outfits. 

At first, I dressed ultra conservative (I'm a strong believer that when in doubt, always overdress). Throughout the years, I've learned to incorporate my style while still remaining work appropriate. Thankfully, my work dress code is quite relaxed (aka no need for the matching pant suit).

 I love wearing these printed pants - I think they add a fun twist to an otherwise boring outfit. And although mixing patterns can be fun *if done the RIGHT way*, I like to keep everything else fairly simple. 

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