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gold details

black blazer

classic outfit

black rebecca minkoff quilted affair bag
Blazer: t babaton (similar) / Shirt: H&M / Jeans: J Brand / Pumps: Nine West / Bracelets: Hermes / Jenny Bird / House of Harlow / Earrings: Tiffany / Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Lipgloss: MAC

When I was younger, I didn't own one piece of gold anything. In fact, I hated gold. It was silver - always silver. I remember my very first piece of "real" jewelry. It was the Elsa Peretti heart from Tiffany's (in silver, obviously). I loved it so much (and still do!) But as much as I still love silver, I have also developed a love for all things gold. And when I say love, I mean love. For instance, if I could spray paint my furniture all gold, I'd seriously consider it.

Keeping on the gold train, I'm currently drawn to incorporating gold into all of my daily looks. Here is an example: a classic black blazer, a crisp white shirt, bold red lips, and gold details. There is something so sophisticated yet simple about this look. It's something that takes me from day to night, and a look of mine thats always on heavy rotation. 



green neon jacket

hermes bracelet

black marc by marc jacobs bag

neon jacket

pop of neon
Jacket: Joe Fresh (on sale!) / Tank: Artizia (similar) / Pants: Joe Fresh / Boots: Forever 21 / Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar) / Bracelets: Hermes / Stella & Dot / Sunglasses: H&M / Nail polish: Joe Fresh

Since the beginning of winter, I've been on the search for the perfect neon jacket. With the warmer days quickly approaching, I was certain the hunt would have to be put on hold until next year. 

That was, of course, until I came across this meant to be jacket over the weekend. You know what I am talking about - like when a store only has one left in your size so you justify the purchase with "Oh, it was as clearly meant to be." I can't be the only girl here with this strategy… am I? Ok, moving on. 

Not only is it neon, but its the perfect spring jacket to wear right now. To keep the look modern (and less 90's raver-ish) it's important to stick with neutrals. I am currently loving the contrast of all black with a splash of neon.

It's bold, yet fresh. I just love when things are meant to be. 


the classic trench

khaki classic trench coat

khaki trench coat

yellow ferragamo varina flats
Trench: H&M (similar) / Jeans: Joe Fresh (similar) / Shirt: Joe Fresh (similar) / Flats: Ferragamo / Sunnies: Karen Walker / Bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 35

There is something so classic about a khaki trench - it's such a timeless staple. 

A couple months ago, I made the mistake of trying on a Burberry one. Of course, I fell in love with it, but couldn't quite justify the price tag. 

Ever since, I've been on the search for an affordable alternative. I went to countless stores without any luck, when I finally walked into H&M and discovered this Burberry-Inspired-Gem. 

The key with H&M shopping is simple: when you see something you love, don't wait. I made the mistake of waiting last year until I actually needed one. Needless to say, my size was gone when I returned back to the store. This year, I hit H&M early and voila! I "saved" a couple G's ;)



black sequin jacket

H&M boyfriend jeans

nine west nude pumps
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Jacket: H&M (similar) / T Shirt: Joe Fresh / Jeans H&M (similar)

For as long as I can remember, I've always been drawn to all things sparkly (even throughout my tomboy days).

Recently, I thought it would be a good idea to glitterize champagne bottles all gold for my birthday. Let me tell you - big mistake. Pretty, yes - not so pretty clean up. After the incident, I promised myself my DIY glitter days were over.

But every girl needs a little bit of sparkle in her life, and if I can find any way to incorporate (non-messy) sparkle into my day - I'll think of it. I generally associate sequins with evening attire, but I think this black sequin jacket adds a fun little twist to casual basics.


back to black

black cape

rebecca minkoff quilted affair bag

rebecca minkoff quilted affair bag

rebecca minkoff quilted affair

forever 21 black booties
Sunglasses: H&M / Cape: H&M / Pants: Joe Fresh / Booties: Forever 21 / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Bracelets: Hermes / Joe Fresh / Stella & Dot / Black Lab: Priceless

Oops! Back to black. Whenever I am in a pinch for time, all black is my go-to look. It's sophisticated and suitable for almost every occasion. The key to all black spring dressing is simple: keep it lightweight. 

Now let's talk about capes. I honestly think that every woman should own at least one cape. It's such a versatile piece from running errands to an evening out on the town. I'm going to be honest, I feel like a bit of a superhero when sporting this black cape (perhaps a little super womanish). For centuries (think Dracula) the cape has been making bold and dramatic statements, and all for a good reason. 

With the turning of seasons, its a quick fix to that age-old early-spring-canadian-dilemma: To wear, or not to wear a jacket today. 

Problem solved. Clearly Dracula knew whats up. 


pink bug

white blazer

nude pumps

pink polka dot pants
Snglasses: Karen Walker / Blazer: H&M / Shirt: Joe Fresh / Pants: H&M / Pumps: Nine West

If you asked me a couple years ago what my least favourite colour was, I would have to say pink. I'm thinking it probably stems back from my tomboy days… who knows. 

Throughout the years, I've learned that pink doesn't just simply represent femininity - it all really depends on wearer. Yes it can be girly, but it can also be bold, elegant, punk… It's kinda like a chameleon. 

Recently, I've found myself drawn to bright pinks. These pants that my friend gave me (thank you!! :) are so playful and fun. They are my insta-happy pants (a.k.a pants I will throw on when I am feeling blue) It's normal for clothes to cure the blues, no?



pop of pink

hot pink motorcycle jacket

hot pink motorcycle jacket

nine west nude pumps
Sunglasses: H&M / Jacket: Gap / Shirt: Zara (similar) / Jeans: J Brand / Pumps: Nine West

Finally - Spring is in the air! I hope you were able to enjoy some time outside this weekend (I know I did)

I've always been drawn to neutrals - black, white, grey, beige, leopard…(yes, I believe that leopard is a neutral).  When I was little, whenever someone asked me what my favourite colour was, my response was always 'I don't have one.' 

Only until recently, have I started to fully appreciate colours (yes I am weird) and I've been making a concerted effort to try and  incorporate colour into my wardrobe whenever possible.  I'm loving this hot pink motorcycle jacket - I think it adds the perfect pop of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit. 
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