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spring flowers

From top to bottom: Red Valentino / Oilily (Vintage: it was my moms) / Alice and Olivia

I'm fully aware that we just had a massive blizzard, but I am also hopeful that spring flowers are just around the corner (after all, the glass is half full… right?)

Sometimes I have to ask myself why I (or anyone for that matter) chooses to live in Canada. I recently returned home from Costa Rica (sigh). The weather was absolutely gorgeous and made coming home all the more difficult. Top that with a sprained ankle and you have one sad girl hobbling around town. Not exactly my idea of fun.

There is however, light at the end of the tunnel (the glass is half full… the glass is half full) as such, I've decided to focus on all the good things to come. These dresses are three of my favourite spring/summer insta-happy dresses that make everything seem a little brighter.

Winter… if you can hear me - please go away. I'm so over you. 

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