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Coffee Table Books

I recently moved from an elegant historic apartment with 10 foot ceilings, a beautiful fire place and a large bay window. Even without any furniture or art, the place felt so warm and inviting. 

Now living in a modern condo, I am trying to find new ways to achieve warmth and colour in what started out as a blank canvas. I've added table lamps in an attempt to minimize the harsh lighting, adorned the walls with art, covered the floors with rugs, placed personal photographs on every free surface I could possibly find, and expanded my collection of coffee table books. Books have the ability to add instant coziness and personality to any room (including a concrete one at that). They are a bit of an investment, but amazon offers some great deals and ships right to your front door.  These are a few of my favourites. 



  1. Dear Amy,
    Happy you enjoyed I Love Your Style. It was fun designing the book with Amanda -- sadly the cover was created by the (pushy) publisher.
    Anywho, if you'd like more ideas for great books for your coffee table feel free to visit my site:
    All best,

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