30 days with pai skincare


As much as I love trying new products, I have to be quite selective as to what I try because I have extremely sensitive skin. When Pai approached me to test out their products, I jumped at the opportunity because I knew the products were for people like me - people with sensitive skin, made by people with sensitive skin. YES!

This is actually my first time using a skincare program that included only green beauty products and I must say, they make you feel GOOD about what you're putting on your skin. Their products are free from irritating chemicals and alcohol, using carefully elected ingredients with proven remedial and skin soothing properties.

I have very dry skin, so I decided test out the Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil, and the Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream. I have been using the products for over a month now and can confidently say my dry skin is feeling hydrated without any irritation or break outs.

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Greek Morning Almond Muffins


My fiance and I both lead fairly healthy and active lives and I'm always looking for new recipes that fuel our lifestyle. We always have protein powder in our cupboard, and just so happen to be a fan of Genuine Health products (We were first introduced to their products through their fermented vegan proteins+ and instantly fell in love). I was given the opportunity to try the vanilla fermented Greek  yogurt  proteins+ alongside a bunch of interesting recipes. I've tried protein pancakes, but never protein muffins so decided to give them a test run! They're perfect for a girl like me that is constantly in a rush in the morning. No matter how early I wake up, I'm constantly running out the door! 

2  scoops  (1  serving)  vanilla  fermented  Greek  yogurt  proteins+ powder
4  eggs  
¼  cup  honey
¾  cup  almond  flour
½  tsp  baking  powder

Preheat  oven  to  350  F. Grease  muffin  tins  with  coconut  oil  and  lightly  flour  or  place  muffin cups  in  each  tin. Option: use  silicone liners  or  molds for  easier  and  tidier  removal.

*Tip:  Double  line  muffins  tins  or  place  a  cookie  sheet  under  muffin  tin  to  stop  muffins  from  burning  on  the  bottoms.

Separate 4 egg  whites  from  yolks,  placing  egg  whites  into  a  mixing  bowl  and  egg  yolks  in  a small  bowl  off  to  the  side.  
Beat  eggs  whites  in  mixing  bowl  until  stiff  peaks  form
Beat  egg  yolks  with  honey,  until  creamy  mixture  is  formed
Add  egg  yolk  mixture  to  egg  whites,  mix  lightly.  Add  in  dry  ingredients  slowly  and  fold  all ingredients  thoroughly.
Distribute  mixture  between 6  large  or  12 small mini  muffin  cups  evenly.  Bake  for  10 to 15 minutes  or  until  toothpick  placed  in  center comes  out  clean.

Cupcake  Icing  
2  scoops  (1  serving)  vanilla fermented Greek  yogurt  proteins+
1  can/400  ml  coconut  cream  (refrigerate  overnight)
1/2  cup  coconut  shreds
4  tbsp  honey
2  tbsp  ground  chia

Remove  canned coconut  cream  from refrigerator.  Scoop  out  the  cream  at  the  top  of  the  can and  place  in  mixing  bowl.  Set  aside  remaining liquid in  can.
Whip  coconut  cream  with  electric  mixer  until  smooth.
Add  in  shredded  coconut,  honey, vanilla and 1  serving  of  fermented  Greek  yogurt  proteins+, continuing to  whip.
Add  in  coconut  liquid  (remaining  in  can)  as  needed  to  get  desired  consistency.
Top  each  muffin  with a  dollop  of  cupcake  icing and  Serve  warm  with  a  side  of  fresh  fruit  or berries.  Makes an  excellent  snack  or  tasty  breakfast!

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This post was created in partnership with Genuine Health. All opinions are my own.


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Shoes: Geox

Its safe to say that my style has evolved throughout the years. I just did a major purge of my wardrobe and donated several (and by several I mean north of 10) garbage bags full of clothes that I simply don't wear anymore. In the past, I had never been one to give practicality much thought. I was guilty of impulse buys that would quickly end up in the back of my wardrobe never to be worn (or seen) again. I was constantly having that "I have nothing to wear" moment when really, I had tons of clothes, just wasn't strategic and practical with my purchases.

My sister and I always ask the same question when it comes to shopping "Do you love it?" Well now I have introduced a second question that will make or break the purchase "Is it versatile and practical?" When I was given the opportunity to select a pair of shoes from the Geox collection, I thought to myself, wow! This opportunity perfectly aligns with my new direction of shopping behaviour. I knew I wanted something practical, yet still on trend, and instantly fell in love with these babies that I'm wearing above. They also just so happen to pass my "Purchase Test." Do I love them? Yes! Are they versatile and practical? Well yes to that too! #nailedit

 Needless to say, these shoes have quickly become a wardrobe staple of mine. I'm no spring chicken anymore (as much as I would like to believe it) and am starting to see the importance of selecting practical and comfortable footwear. They're also super breathable with their cutting edge technology, allowing natural temperature regulation as well as creating a micro-climate inside the shoe (aka heatwave friendly :)

This post was created in partnership with Geox. All opinions are my own. 

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